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Rico Briedjal

Rico has been working as a team leader at the Dutch special forces. Reaching the mission goals was the only thing that counted then. Working in and with a high performance team formed him for the rest of your life. He has been the (joint) owner of various companies for almost 10 years, all of whom use this principle.

Now Rico has made the transfer with his experience as a consultant and knowledge about high performance. He implements the success factors of high performance teams within the business world and enables organizations to strengthen themselves. This has become his new mission.

Bert Von Stockhausen

After having worked for 28 years at a special forces unit of Defense, Bert was able to experience the power of high-quality cooperation. As the executor, team leader and instructor trainer of this elite unit, he was able to experience that for himself, but also to understand the way of thinking and learning. As a human resource developer, Bert was able to convert this knowledge into a program that he uses to strengthen companies to rise to great heights. His motto is: The human factor is the key to success!

Raoul Nijlhof

Now or never, that is the credo that Raoul has experienced in terms of the importance of adaptive capacity in achieving success. Because of his background as a command of special operations and with his business strategic experience, Raoul does not consider success as an individual matter, but as the result of joint effort.

He considers "high performance" an interplay between strategy, knowledge of various (business) processes in which (situational) leadership in particular is a determining factor.