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Elite high performance

We provide strategic advice and train individuals, organizations and companies from various industries. By introducing the principles of success of the special forces, we improve the strategic and financial position of companies in a sustainable and measurable way. From young, rapidly changing organizations to established companies with robust processes. From top athletes to IT people, there are collaborations everywhere that we make even stronger than they already are.

Our objective

"Developing human skills and enable people positively influence their performance level regardless of context and thereby achieve goals."

The results

  • Growth in turnover
  • Growth of profit
  • Quality improvement
  • Healthier employees
  • Increase of performance
  • An open and action-oriented culture
  • Encourages innovation

Our keynotes

We take you into the operation of high performance organizations, teams and individuals. We know how to make the transfer of military elite units to a commercial environment in a motivating way by telling inspiring stories of the special forces with tools that lead directly to action. The keynotes provide insight and encourage better individual and team performance.



Highperteam mindbreach

In "Mind breach" we will create synergy between body and mind. Positive or negative, whatever voice you have in your head, we will turn this into a team. This is how you move from performer to elite high performer. Step by step you create a "mental badass" such as special forces operators. Get stronger in life than ever before with this new special force .

  • Increase in performance
  • More focus    
  • Mental toughness


"Cold zero precision"

High performance is a mindset. Our extremely effective coaching program helps to achieve this state-of-mind. Based on the objective to be achieved and the context, we provide targeted coaching sessions that contribute to achieving your intended goals through military sniper precision.

  • Improve situational awareness
  • Improve decision making
  • Leadership
  • Strengthen assertiveness


"Navigator program"

Organizational growth and strength comes from the consistency of success patterns. We navigate you to the organization objective. With that in mind, this program has been developed to always achieve the intended vision, no matter how ambitious.

  • Mentorship
  • Customization
  • Goal oriented
  • Measurable result
  • In-company (training)

From performer to high performer

leiderschap op ieder niveau en context

  • Human skills
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Guts and daring
  • Motivation
  • Stress resistance
  • Communication

Performance organisation

teamwork is het fundament en uitgangspunt

  • Sustainable performance culture
  • Open and honest communication
  • Action oriented
  • Need for improvement and innovation
  • Eye for detail
  • Human factors

Elite performance team

bouw je elite high performance team

  • Adaptability
  • Focus
  • Intertwining / connection / flow
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Build, develop and connect teams

About us

Former members of Dutch Special Forces

We are still an elite high performance team, but now in a corporate environment. United by our common standards, we focus on achieving ambitious results and the highest possible potential for organizations and individuals. We are passionate about what we do and it shows that we feel the urge to excel and are therefore constantly looking for innovation and improvement. That is why we train on a structural basis. Not only our body but also our mind. Now we have combined this knowledge with ten years of business experience and relevant training and can offer this to allow organizations to achieve their mission. What has brought you to this point does not bring you to the next.

"Achieving ambitious goals requires

for drastic action, doing more of the same
will not get you there."

We learn, execute, fail, learn and execute again. We will continue to do so. Perfection does not exist and we are not affraid to make mistakes. If you always play safe, you will not operate on the limit of your maximum ability and you will never get better. Getting better and stronger is the hallmark of a high performance organization that plays to win. Finding and stretching the limits of performance is what we do. Motivated and every day with full conviction.

Our mission

We have combined our experiences from the elite special forces units with entrepreneurship, creating a new passion: transferring this valuable knowledge to anyone who wants to increase their performance and improve partnerships.
We would like to strengthen organizations and individuals by offering those key success factors that make the special forces so highly effective. Optimizing corporate cultures and embedding success factors in a sustainable way. Because it is the people who make the difference, we focus on strengthening the human factor.

The proces

Our comprehensive process starts with establishing your context. After learning where you stand now. We navigate together, using appropriate strategies, where you want to go. We put you in your power even more and know how to anchor your mission in every subconscious employee. Because there, wishes and dreams become goals.

If you want to excel or have questions about it, please contact us using the form below.